Full range of Marine Insurance Business which includes:

  • Cargo: by sea, air, or land.
    Various levels of insurance protection including war, strikes, riots and civil commotion Risks.
  • Hull and Machinery: Vessels and Pleasure Boats & Yachts.

Project Cargo and Delayed Start- Up Insurance

Project cargo coverage is for equipment destined for infrastructure projects and industrial facilities. Policy coverage includes physical loss & damage and may include consequential loss, such as delay in start up (DSU) and additional cost of working.

Middle East Insurance Co. is one of the few local insurers with the expertise to provide project cargo cover for critical components of large infrastructure projects which need special underwriting experience and very good connections with the reinsurance markets.

Carriers " Hauliers" Liability Insurance

This product is designed to cater to the insurance requirements of commercial hauliers.

Companies engaged as carriers in commercial transportation of cargo have a legal liability to cargo owners and third parties as "bailee" for the goods whilst in their care, control and custody.

Haulier's liability insurance offers protection to such companies involved in the transportation of goods belonging to others by providing an indemnity up to an agreed limit against sums that the carriers shall become legally liable to pay as a carrier. The policy will also pay for the defense cost incurred.

General Accidents

  • Public & Product Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Money
  • Fidelity
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Workmen’s Compensation
  • Banker's Blanket Bond
  • Jeweller's Block
  • Contingency/ Cancellation of Event Insurance
  • Others

Public & Product Liability

This policy covers the insured against his legal liability arising out of an act of negligence causing loss or damage to third party properties, bodily injuries and legal expenses incurred in defending the liability with the consent of the insurer.

Professional Indemnity

This policy covers the insured (such as Engineers, Surveyors, Architects, Consultants, Lawyers, and Auditors) who could be held liable for loss or damage to their clients and/or to third parties arising out of errors, omissions and professional negligence whilst practicing their professions.

This Professional Indemnity policy covers such damages along with the legal expenses accumulated to defend the claim.

Policies as such, can be arranged on Annual Basis covering all projects or a Single Project.


This Policy covers items like cash, notes, securities, cheques, money orders stamps against various risks whilst:

  • Money in transit: the risk of money loss by robbery, theft or other causes whilst in transit within defined location.
  • Money in Safe: the risk of money loss whilst in an insured safe.


This policy covers financial losses suffered by employers, consequent to the dishonesty or employees holding positions of trust indulging in following:

  • Forgery
  • Embezzlement
  • Larceny
  • Misappropriation
  • Fraudulent conversion

Medical Malpractice

Professionals like doctors or other paramedics could be held liable toward third parties for bodily injury or death arising out of their negligence while performing their professional work.

Workmen’s Compensation

This policy covers the liability of the employer (the insured) under statutory and common law, against injuries sustained to employees while performing their duties, including:

  • Accidental Death
  • Total or Partial Permanent Disability
  • Daily Indemnity
  • Medical Expenses

Banker's Blanket Bond

This policy covers the Financial Institution against financial losses /financial crime from various risks like Employees’ Fraud, insured’s property whilst in transit, cover for forgery, theft, burglary, counterfeit currencies, loss or damages to the furniture, fixtures and fittings due to various causes.

Jeweller's Block

This policy offers comprehensive cover to a dealer of gold and jewelry. A host of perils are covered under the policy, providing protection to stock which includes gold, jewelry, precious stones, etc as well as the furniture, fittings, decoration, fidelity, and sleight of hand etc.

Contingency / Cancellation of Event Insurance

This policy is for events, conferences, weddings, seminars or any other personal events that have been cancelled due to causes like Natural Calamities or Death of Ruler or other important personalities. Organizers of such events could sustain large financial losses due to cancellation and this type of insurance policy provides indemnity to organizers as per policy terms.

Engineering insurances

  • Contractors’ All Risks
  • Erection All Risks
  • Contractor's Plant & Machinery
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Loss of Profit Following Machinery Breakdown
  • Electronic Equipments
  • Deterioration of Stock Following Machinery Breakdown

Contractors’ All Risks

This policy provides coverage against unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to civil contract works, contractor Plant and Machinery, Temporary facility, principal existing property as well as providing cover to the contractor against possible liabilities towards third parties.

Some of the causes of loss covered under CAR insurance include, but are not limited to: Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Flood, Inundation, Windstorm, Earthquake, Theft, Burglary, Negligence, Malicious Acts, Error & Omission and Bad Workmanship.

Erection All Risks

This policy provides coverage against unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to electrical or mechanical contract works , contractor Plant and Machinery, Temporary facility, principal existing property , losses or damages during testing and commissioning as well as providing cover to the contractor against possible liabilities towards third parties.

The causes of loss covered under EAR insurance include: Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Flood, Inundation, Windstorm, Earthquake, Theft, Burglary, Negligence, Malicious Acts, Error & Omission, Bad Workmanship, Faults in Erections, Short Circuiting, Arcing, Excess Voltage, Excess Pressure or Vacuum and Tearing Apart on the account of Centrifugal Force.

Contractor's Plant & Machinery

This policy provides contractors with plant and machinery coverage against unforeseen and sudden physical losses or damages from any cause except those excluded under the policy occurring at work, during maintenance operations, at rest.

Machinery Breakdown

This policy covers sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to machinery due to electrical, mechanical or external causes which are not specifically excluded under the policy.

Loss of Profit Following Machinery Breakdown

In the event of a machinery or plant breakdown, the resultant monetary loss due to the halting of the production process could be enormous; thus, this insurance policy was specifically designed to indemnify the insured against the below eventualities:

• Loss of profit (LOP)

Insured standing charges i.e. continuing business expenses including salaries and wages paid to employees.

The increase of the cost of working means reasonable expenses would need to be incurred in order to avoid diminishing or reducing in turnover.

*This policy is also known as Consequential Loss Policy.

• Electronic Equipments

This type of policy covers physical losses or damages to electronic or electrical equipment such as Electronic Data Processing (EDP) equipment, Electrical Equipment like medical, communication and navigational equipment due to any unforeseen and sudden cause.

In addition to losses and/or damages to the equipment itself, this coverage also encompasses the following:

  1. External Data Media:

    This section covers the loss of external data media which includes stored information and the cost of reprocessing and retrieving lost information

  2. Increased Cost of Working:

    This entails, additional expenditure incurred on hiring or using a substitute for the EDP equipment, transport charges for personnel, their accommodation expenses away from their base and night work or work done during public holidays.

• Deterioration of Stock Following Machinery Breakdown

This policy is issued in combination with Machinery Breakdown policy, and covers the deterioration of stock kept in cold storage due to the breakdown of refrigerating machinery.

Fire and Allied perils Insurance Policy

This policy covers loss or damage due to fire, lightning and explosion of domestic boiler in addition to a number of additional perils which may differ from one policy to another but most usually include the following perils:

  • Explosions
  • Storms, tempests and floods
  • Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
  • Aircraft or any other aerial devices or articles dropped from
  • Impact damage by your own or any third party road vehicle
  • Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes
  • Loss of profits or business interruption
  • Loss of Rent
  • Third party legal liability including the liability of landlords towards their tenants
  • Tenants liability towards their landlords
  • Strikes, riots & civil commotions
  • Malicious damage
  • Theft/Burglary following a forcible entry/exit from the insured premises
  • Removal of debris expenses following losses or damages to the insured property
  • Fire brigade charges and extinguishing expenses
  • Architects, surveyors and legal and consulting engineering fees
  • others

Property All Risks Insurance Policy

This policy covers all risks of physical loss, destruction or damage to the insured property occurring the policy period and is subject to certain terms, conditions and exclusions.

This policy provides a wider coverage than the Fire and Allied Perils insurance policy, noting that the PAR policy can be tailor made.

The following extensions are available under the Property All Risks Insurance Policy:

  • Loss of profits / business interruption
  • Loss of rent
  • Third party legal liability
  • Strikes, Riots & Civil Commotions and Malicious damage
  • Accidental damage to plate glass fixed to the building
  • Debris removal
  • Fire brigade charges and extinguishing expenses
  • Architects, surveyors, legal and consulting engineering fees
  • Others


A Comprehensive Insurance plan to cover your home (owned or rented) against loss/damages resulting from Fire, overflowing of water tanks, impact by Road Vehicles, Falling Aircraft, Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion. The policy will also include Loss of Rent following an insured peril, legal Liability towards third parties as well as a Personal Accident Insurance to family members as well as your maid.

The main types of policies we offer are listed below . For full details, please don’t hesitate to contact our Motor Dept.
1. Comprehensive which includes:
  • Third Party Liability (TPL): Compulsory insurance covering the insured's legal liability for bodily injury and / or property damage to any third party arising out of the use of the insured vehicle. Covering also the owner and the driver while in the insured vehicle
  • Own damage: Optional insurance covering the insured vehicle against accidental loss and / or damage
  • Various extensions if asked for by the insured.
2. Vehicle's owner assistance: It's a Free Cover for comprehensive motor policies with enormous benefits
3. Third Party Liability Issued by the Unified Offices, which is managed by the Jordan Insurance Federation

This insurance provides the following covers for the insured and his family:

Personal Assistance World Wide other than in Jordan:

  1. Medical assistance due to injury or illness of a beneficiary outside Jordan (up to $.5,000.- per beneficiary)
  2. Travel and stay over of an immediate family member, should the beneficiary be hospitalized for more than 5 days (up to $150.- per day for a maximum of 10 days)
  3. Extension to stay outside Jordan, of a beneficiary, due to illness or injury (up to $.150 per day for a maximum of 5 days)
  4. Transport or repatriation of a beneficiary to a hospital or to Jordan following his illness or injury
  5. Transport or repatriation of accompanying beneficiary
  6. Arrange the repatriation of the corpse to Jordan (up to $.2,000.-)
  7. Despatch of medication and Relay of urgent messages

Vehicle Assistance in the following Countries:

Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon ,Tunis, Arab Gulf States & Turky

  1. Towing or removal of the disabled vehicle to the nearest repair
  2. Stay over and Travel expenses due to the theft or breakdown of the vehicle (up to $.120.- per beneficiary per day for a maximum of 3 days)
  3. Professional driver service to return the vehicle to the usual place of residence

Luggage Assistance – World Wide other than in Jordan:

  1. Theft or damage to the luggage in the vehicle’s trunk (up to $.200.-)
  2. Location and transport of missing luggage
  3. Luggage missing on scheduled airline flights (up to $.100 per beneficiary)

Subject to the conditions and limits stated in the Assistance insurance cover

- If you are insured against T.P. risks only Or if you are insured with another insurance company.

- You may obtain this insurance policy for the first year at an annual premium of JD.20-

- Upon insuring comprehensively with Middle East Insurance Co. you will obtain this cover free.


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